How to Travel Sri Lanka on a Budget

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budget travel sri lanka

Sri Lanka is an island country filled with endless beaches, rare wildlife, friendly people and incredible food. Due to the rising inflation in Sri Lanka, prices have gone considerably up over the past few years. However, there are still inexpensive solution for traveling to Sri Lanka and exploring this beautiful country on a budget. According to your preferences and likes, your exact budget and what you want to do, there are plenty of opportunities for cheap vacations in style. Let’s find out more about the cost in Sri Lanka, the best ways to save money and the things you should not miss out on! 

If you are planning budget travel in Sri Lanka, here is what you must know. 

Transportation is relatively cheap in Sri Lanka. You can get the bus and discover the different regions at extremely low cost. In case you want to rent a car or another vehicle though you ought to be prepared for quite high prices; the prices are even higher than accommodation. Tuktuk is the most convenient way to travel Sri Lanka and go from one place to the next, something like an open taxi. The cost of a ride is low, and it can be even lower after bargaining. 

Accommodation costs vary significantly in Sri Lanka. You can get a double room for less than $20, and the same goes for cabanas and bungalows by the beach. But there are luxury hotels that charge hundreds of dollars per night. When you travel Sri Lanka on a budget, you should not even consider making the call and asking about the fare. Touristic places will up their price rates and especially during peak season. Even though you can ask for a discount, it is never enough to meet your needs for budget holidays. 

Food is great in Sri Lanka, and you can enjoy a hearty meal for just a couple of dollars. Fresh ingredients and inspired combinations make dining in Sri Lanka a true culinary experience. If you decide to dine at hotel restaurants and other cosmopolitan options, you can be sure of much higher price rates. It is important to note that tipping is one of the major pillars in the local economy. So you will be expected to offer tips when dining, as well as in all other services provided. 

What is disappointing is the cost for a visit to Sri Lanka’s major sights and attractions. The cost is somewhat high and reflects the desire of the locals to get as much money from tourists as possible. It is worth pointing out that the admission cost to most of these sights is multiple times higher than that paid by locals. You cannot bargain there and hence it is advisable that you organize your trip wisely. You need to be selective as to the sights you visit, in order to get the best value for money. 

As you can see, traveling Sri Lanka on a budget is possible. With proper planning and adjustments to your daily routine, you can cut down on the costs for accommodation and food, even transportation. In this way, you will be able to enjoy the unspoiled beauty of Sri Lanka without having to pay a fortune!