Beauty of the Sri Lanka Tea Gardens

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Sri Lanka located in the south of Asia in a natural paradise of for good quality tea produced in the Sri Lanka tea gardens. The country of Sri Lanka is one of the biggest exporters of tea in the world market. The tea from the Sri Lankan tea gardens is rich in aroma and quality and it is best quality tea that is available in the world market today and the demand of the Sri Lankan tea has been on a huge increase from year to year basis.

There are many tea gardens in Sri Lanka where the tea leaves are grown and then they are processed and different then they are ready to be sold in the market.

There is reason behind the quality of the Sri Lankan tea and the reason is very much logical. During the British era the British brought the tea plants from the places like Kolkata and Assam in India and China and planted them in Sri Lanka which became the Sri Lanka tea gardens and today produce the best quality tea in the whole world. Also Sri Lanka is ranked 3rd among the world’s largest producers of tea and it meets 19% of the total experts demand of the tea.

The tea gardens in Sri Lanka are located in Central Highlands and the places where the Sri Lanka tea gardens are present are Galle, Matara, Nuwara, Eliya and Dambulla. The climate of all these places are very ,much suitable for the productions of the tea leaves and hence good quality aromatic tea are produced in the tea gardens of all these places of Sri Lanka.

Famous Sri Lanka Tea Garden Areas

There are many important tea gardens that are present in Sri Lanka. Most of the tea production of Sri Lanka takes place in the Nuwara Eliya. The British started planting tea in the county of Sri Lanka and for this reason the Nuwara Eliya is called the capital of the Sri Lankan tea industry. If someone drives past this place of Nuwara Eliya then one can see the tea gardens that cover large acres of land and these are covered with emerald tea bushes that are green in color.

Apart from the Nuwara Eliya the Kandy, Matara and Galle are also important places of tea production in the country. All these places have such suitable climate for tea productions that they have made the country of Sri Lanka the 3rd highest producer of Tea in the world. The Sri Lankan tea production from the Sri Lanka tea gardens is very much important to the economy of Sri Lanka and also to the world market .

The Sri Lanka tea gardens employ more than one million people directly or indirectly. It is a huge medium of foreign exchange for the country and it is great source of income for the laborers in the country.

The Tea Trees Found in the Sri Lanka Tea Gardens:

Ceylon black tea:

The Ceylon black tea is one among the specialties of the country. It has an excellent aroma reminiscent of the citrus and it can be used both as unmixed and also in its blends. It is grown on various Sri Lanka tea gardens in places that differ in altitude and the taste.

Ceylon green tea:

The Ceylon green tea is mostly made of the Assam tea stocks. They are found in the Idalgashinna in the Uva Province. This type of tea normally has the full body and they are more pungent is smell and do not have malty or the nutty flavor aroma of the tea plants originating from the seed stock of Assam.

All the tea grade names of the most Ceylon green tea are reflective of the traditional Chinese variety of the green tea nomenclature, such as gunpowder tea that is tightly rolled or the mostly opened leaf grades of tea with the traditional Chinese names like the Chun Mee. The green tea of Sri Lanka have characteristics that are unique at the present time and they are darker in the dry as well as infused leaf with a flavor that is rich and even this might change in future time.

As change is required to sustain the market demands the Ceylon green tea producers have started using the more of the original Chinese, Indonesian, Japanese and Brazilian seed base which can produce very light with sparkling bright yellow color and that are more delicate and sweet in flavor with which is the identifying feature with which world market knows the green tea.

Sri Lanka is presently a very minor producer of green tea and its green teas compared to those produced in the countries of Indian and China remains as an acquired taste. Most of the green tea that is produced in Sri Lanka is used for exports to the North Africa and also Middle Eastern markets.

Ceylon white tea:

The Ceylon white tea which is also known as silver tips is very costly and prices are charged on per kilogram basis and hence obviously their prices are significantly high than other type of tea. This tea was firstly produced in the country in the Nuwara Eliya region near. The production of this type of tea involves growing it then harvesting and finally rolling by hand so as the leaves get the leaves dried and then they are left to be withered in the sun.

The Ceylon white tea has a very delicate and light liquoring that is coupled with the notes of pine and honey and an infusion of golden coppery .this type of tea in grown and found near the Galle region which is located in the in the southern part of the country Sri Lanka.

Visiting Sri Lanka and not going to visit the diverse Sri Lanka tea gardens means a great miss for the visitors and one must visit these diverse and beautiful tea gardens that are natural paradise of tea production during the tour of Sri Lanka.