24 Most Breathtaking Waterfalls in Sri Lanka

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waterfalls in sri lanka

One of the most extraordinary creations of the nature is the waterfalls. Gifted with much different type of the resources available from Nature Sri Lanka has about three hundred and fifty waterfalls in the whole country. Sri Lanka is one among those countries which have the highest number of waterfalls. However due to biological causes that have caused reduction rainfall these beautiful waterfalls are under some threats in the present time.

Below are the waterfalls in Sri Lanka that can be visited by the tourist and surely the beautiful and the magnificent waterfalls in Sri Lanka can win the heart of any person.

Dunhida Fall

It is one of the most magnificent waterfalls which are situated at a distance of 5 km from the town of Badulla. The waterfall has a height of 210 feet high. The waterfall is named after smoky dew drops spray that surrounds the area that is located at the foot of the waterfall. The river which produces this waterfall Badulu Oya goes through the Badulla town.

Hunas Fall

It is locates in the district of Matale. During the time of rain one can see much side by water streams apart from the main fall in this region. The Hanas resort is present in the vicinity so many people come to this this waterfall.

Ravana Fall

It is located in the Ella -Wellawaya road and it visible from the main road. The beauty of this waterfall is that the waterfall comes down in the steps. It is named after the demon King Ravana of the Ramayana. The height is 30 ft.

Bopath Fall

It is located at a distance of fifteen kilometers from the Colombo- Ratnapura road. Height is 100ft. the formation of the waterfall is very beautiful that is a heart shaped head which resembles the leaf of a sacred tree and hence gets its name from the name of the tree as Bopath.

Devon Fall

It is 120 ft. high and can be seem the best from the 20th milepost that is present on the road of Talawakelle -Nawalapitiya

St. Clair’s Fall

It has a height of 80m and width of 50m consisting of two segments (bigger and smaller). It is created by river Kotmale and comes down in a slope that passes by a tea estate that has been closed.

Ramboda Fall

It is located near the Pusselawa Resthouse. The way to reach the waterfall is by the Nuwara Eliya to Pusselawa road.

Gerandi Fall

Is present in the district of Nuwara Eliya and is visible even from Gampola to Nuwara Eliya road.

Helboda Fall

It is one of the waterfalls which is less than 30mhigh and is located in the Between Pusselawa and Ramboda road. It is situated near the 28th mileposts in the location of Pusselawa.

Anagimala Fall

Present in the Galle District at the Kanneliya Biosphere Reserve (Udugama)

Diyaluma Fall

The third highest water falls in Sri Lanka with a height of 171 meters. Present between the Koslande – Welawaya road of the District Badulla.

Bakers Fall

One would be able to access the waterfall from the Pattipola or Ohiya town.

Duvili Fall

It is situated in the place of Batuwangala of the Galle District.

Hathmale Fall

It is at a distance of 12km from the place of Deniyaya in the District Matara.it has height of 45 meters and width of 10 meters.

Rahas Fall

It is Present in the Kandy District. It is for dangerous for bathing because it has a deep cleft at the base

Puna Fall

It is Located at the district Nuwara Eliya. From the punai fall the nearest town is Pussalewa.

Bambarakanda Fall

It is the highest waterfall of all the waterfalls in Sri Lanka with a height of 241 meters. It is present in the district Badulla District.

Thudugala Fall

It is situated in the district Kalutara. It is one of the perfect waterfalls where people can halt for a night and stay.

Bamarakiri Falls

It is Located in the district Matale. The base of the waterfall is very much deep and hence bathing in the waterfall is very dangerous.

Kirindi Ella Fall

It has a height of 117 meters. It is created by Kirindi Oya and presnt in the district of Rathnapura.

Kuda Dunhinda Fall

It belongs to the UVA province. It falls on the way of the Dunhinda Waterfall that is situated in Badulla.

Surathali Fall

The waterfall is named after the name of cinema that was filmed at the location and it has the height of 60 meter and is only 2 meters wide.

Makeli Fall

It is situated in the district Kalutara. It falls on the same route as does the famous Kukuleganga Holiday Resort.

Hummanaya Blow Hole

A blow hole that is located on the southern coast of the country. The water from oceans goes on to flow below the shore and comes out of the hole due to the buildup pressure.